Trumpeter Swan Coalition

Committed to ensuring LaSalle Park Harbour, the winter home of 1/4 of Ontario's Trumpeter Swans, is protected

Bev Kingdon and Kyna Itini from the Trumpeter Swan Restoration Group tagging Trumpeter Swans. The birds are so familiar with Bev and her team that they allow themselves to be handled, banded, have blood taken without any fuss or stress to the birds.


LaSalle Park is located at 831 LaSalle Park Road. LaSalle Park Road is what Waterdown Road is called south of Plains Road E. There is a parking lot at the lake and a walkway that goes east along the shoreline. Follow that walkway and it will lead you to a boardwalk that provides an excellent viewing platform for the beach the Trumpeter Swans favour. The Swans begin to arrive in the harbour in November and stay until mid to end February. Best two months for viewing are December and January. 


Please do not feed the Trumpeter Swans or other waterfowl. Trumpeters eat mostly acquatic plants. In the wild this is supplemented with grain gleaned from agricultural fields in the winter. The Trumpeter Swan Restoration Group uses corn as a lure to help the swans become use to their presence so they can band them etc. without difficulty. 

Bread is not a part of any waterfowl's diet. When they eat bread it fills their stomachs but does not provide them with the nutrition they need. This can make the birds malnourished and sick. Please respect the City of Burlington's bylaws and do not feed the wildlife.

Directions from THE NORTH/ROUTE 1

Directions from THE SOUTH/ROUTE 2