Trumpeter Swan Coalition

Committed to ensuring LaSalle Park Harbour, the winter home of 1/4 of Ontario's Trumpeter Swans, is protected

Thousands of people are drawn to LaSalle Park from November to February each year to see the largest over-wintering population of these beautiful birds in the province.

Minister's Decision Re. Request For More Thorough Environmental Assessment

Minister's Letter To Proponents

Minister's Letter To Trumpeter Swan Coalition

Minister's Letter To Conservation Halton

Minister's Letter to Dodd

Trumpeter Swan Coalition's Email To Our Members re. Minister's Decision

Key Documents:

Our Response To the Marina Capacity Study

Marina Capacity Study Final Report

Environmental Studies Report by Consultants for the LaSalle Park Marina Association and the City of Burlington

Appendix A to ESR Natural Environment Data

Appendix B to ESR Design Alternatives

Appendix C to ESR Wind and Wave Modelling

Appendix D to ESR Wave Data

Appendix E to ESR Consultation Information

The Trumpeter Swan Coalition's comments of the Environmental Studies Report

Consultant's Response to Our Submission of the ESR

Trumpeter Swan Coalition's Response To Consultants and City

Trumpeter Swan Presentation For Waterfront Committee

Marina Capacity Study

President of LPMA Stating Marina Paid For 1/4 of Marina Capacity Study and Notice of Capacity Study Open House Listing Only Three partners

It has come to our attention that John Birch's comment about paying for the study has been removed from the BS&BC message board but that's okay because we screen captured it before they took it down. See the screen capture here:

Screen Capture

The Trumpeter Swan Coalition's Letter to Region, City of Burlington and Town of Oakville re. LPMA BEing A Silent Partner in Marina Capacity Study

The Completely Inadequate Response By the Region of Halton to Our Letter Above (note, they did not even properly address it to the leaders of the four member groups of the Trumpeter Swan Coalition who sent the letter to them)

Powerpoint Presentation On Trumpeters For Discovery Centre